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BAARS is a company specialised in the in-situ geological surveys in the direct pushing technology. Our long experience guarantees the highest quality of results of the probings executed by us, so that we have achieved a leading position on the Polish market. We execute CPT investigations using all available techniques that are compliant with the current ISO standards. The investigation results are delivered as soon as possible, in a safe and cost-effective manner. Thanks to innovative CPT instrumentation and vast knowledge, we are able, apart from the transfer of accurate and reliable investigation data, to provide our Customers with the highest level of interpretation and support for implemented projects. Combining all this with our fast response time, labour dynamism and freshness, we believe that we can provide every Customer with specialised services they need.

Our features:


Up to 200 running meters of investigations per day. Results available constantly. Full interpretation with the final report even as soon as after few days of the end of the investigations.


Investigations on land and in water.

Static probing (Cone Penetration Test): CPT(E), CPTU, SCPT, SCPTU, CCPTU, TESTS OF DISSIPATION, T-BAR, BALL

Dilatometer (Marchetti Dilatometer): DMT, SDMT



We are able to investigate on all kinds of terrain and in any location indicated by the Customer in Europe.

  • static tests of the best quality
  • valid calibration certificates of systems and measurement instruments
  • double calibration of the cone for each probing
  • calibration according to the producer's standards
  • casing-type rods of 36 mm and 55 mm
  • best skilled CPT operators
  • two types of cones with a cross-sectional area of 10cm2 and 15cm2
  • broad CPT equipment fleet
  • pressure force of 20 tonnes with no need of bolting
  • highest processing capacity = shortest time of completing the orders
  • the highest level of interpretation based on original software
  • consulting concerning the used methods of investigation