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Our company offers DMT (dilatometer Marchetti tests). We execute them using the latest available equipment designed by Prof. Silvano Marchetti. This enables us to provide results that satisfy the demands of our clients. A DMT dilatometric investigation involves inserting a flat blade with a metal diaphragm into the soil and directly determining compressibility parameters. The dilatometer is pushed from the ground surface and the measurements can be taken at various intervals. Measurements with Marchetti’s dilatometer are most usually conducted every 20 cm. Pressure is measured at two diaphragm positions at each depth. The first step of a DMT study – when the diaphragm is flush with the blade – involves measuring the pressure required to initiate diaphragm displacement (measurement A). Next, pressure is measured after a displacement of 1.1 mm towards the soil (measurement B).

Additionally, it is also possible to measure the pressure after the diaphragm returns to its initial position (measurement C). DMT tests are most usually used to study low-bearing soils, organic in particular. An SDMT test is further expanded with seismic module data. Dilatometric tests are most usually used to study low-bearing soils, organic in particular. An SDMT test is further expanded with seismic module data. As a leader of the soil investigation market, our company organizes professional training in the field of CPT, CPTU, SCPTU sounding, as well as DMT and SDMT tests.


A DMT module is a device that enables identifying and measuring the soil parameters directly in the substrate. The study is based on inserting a special blade-shaped measuring probe into the ground. Every 20 cm, a diaphragm placed on the probe is used to accurately record changes of the pressures within the measuring system that occur in deeper soil strata.

Marchetti's dilatometer is used for DMT investigations to:

  • identify soil type,
  • determine stress history in the soil,
  • estimate the values of such parameters as: deformation modulus (E0, E), undrained shear strength without drainage (cu), lateral pressure coefficient (K0), pre-consolidation stress.

BAARS, as the first company in Europe, aquired the latest controller for the Dilatometer (manufactured in 2015) designed by Prof. Silvano Marchetti.

This enables us to execute DMT tests even more accurately and faster.

We invite you to study our offer of professional soil static sounding and DMT tests.

Equipment standards:

  • Eurocode 7
  • TC 16 acc. to the Technical Committee
  • first acc. to International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)

Technical specification

Blade model


Blade type

with elastic diaphragm

Diaphragm thickness


Maximum blade pressure

40 bar

Measuring system

Prof. S. Marchetti ver. 2015

Satisfied standards

Eurocode 7


ASTM D6635

ISO 22476-11

Badania dylamometrem DMT 1
Badania dylamometrem DMT 2
Badania dylamometrem DMT 7
Badania dylamometrem DMT 6
Dylatometr Marchettiego