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As the leader in the field of direct-push in-situ soil investigations, who has been gaining experience internationally, we would like to invite you to take advantage of our training services. We are able to provide you with training in the field of CPT, CPTU, SCPTU, DMT and SDMT testing.

Our training courses consist of an extensive theoretical part, introducing the test methodology, and a workshop part, which involves an operational presentation of CPT sounding equipment.

Our trainings are aimed at designers, contract managers, site managers, quality inspectors, and geologists who deal with geotechnical soil investigations within their line of work and would like to know more about this topic.

We currently offer the following training:
Subsoil investigation with a CPT probe – equipment, quality, interpretation

  1. Overview of field soil investigation methods – pros, cons, application limitations
  2. CPT static sounding – introduction
  3. Types of direct push tests
    1. CPTM,
    2. CPTU,
    3. SCPT,
    4. DMT.
  4. CPTU testing equipment
    1. cones,
    2. recording systems,
    3. pushing systems.
  5. CPTU test quality
    1. review of subject matter standards
    2. requirements of Eurocode 7 and ISO technical specifications
    3. measuring system calibration certificates
    4. CPTU pore filter saturation
  6. Interpretation of test results
    1. measured parameters,
    2. identifying and correcting errors,
    3. soil type identification,
    4. determination of soil density and consistency parameters,
    5. determination of soil strength parameters.

And within the workshop section:

  1. Presentation of CPT test equipment
    1. CPT TRUCK – sounding demonstration
    2. cones with a cross-section of 10 cm2
    3. cones with a cross-section of 15 cm2
    4. Marchetti dilatometer (controller and blade),
    5. SCPTU test seismic module.
  2. Presentation and overview of cone calibration cards
  3. Presentation and overview of “live” CPTU test results
  4. Presentation and overview of an example of a test report
  5. Overview of the issue of pore filters and their significance in terms of test quality
  6. Presentation of wear and tear of cone parts and their impact on test quality


dr inż. Bartłomiej Czado
Graduated from Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology. In the years 2006-2015 he was a scientific-teaching assistant at the Division of Soil-Structure Interaction at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology. In 2015 he defended
his doctoral thesis in Construction (specializing in Geotechnical Engineering) titled:
“Analysis of foundation pile load-bearing capacity based on field soil investigations using CPT”. The author of several publications in the field of geotechnics. Currently
a lecturer at the Department of Construction at the Krosno State College.

mgr. Paweł Jóźwiak
BAARS company owner. Graduated from Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Spatial Management of the Poznań University of Technology. The only CPT operator in Poland with skills confirmed by Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. and Construction Skills
A participant of numerous international research cooperatives in the field of in-situ testing.



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