Big Crawler

Big CrawlerBAARS company owns the most technologically advanced equipment in the world that is used to conduct cone penetration soundings. We utilize the equipment from renowned Dutch companies, which are some of the most important CPT and CPTU sounding equipment manufacturers. We utilize a BIG CRAWLER 200 kN machine. Its advantages include ballast chassis, which results in no need for anchoring prior to commencing work. The BIG CRAWLER will easily reach any terrain, regardless of whether it is a road pavement, post-industrial site or a beach.
The unit can be controlled externally, which enables the operator to conduct very precise manoeuvres and precisely reach a test location.
This compact crawler unit can be hauled aboard a barge to conduct soundings on water.

Furthermore, within our operations we use a Marchetti’s dilatometer equipped with a state-of-the-art control system, a seismic module and the only VIDEOCONE in Poland.
Even up to 200 linear metres per day.
Land and water testing.
Subsoil investigations in any conditions and location.

Equipment category:

  • first acc. to NGI
  • TC 16 acc. to the Technical Committee
  • first acc. to the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)

Our static probe is equipped with instruments that enable conducting penetration tests in compliance with such international standards as:

  • NEN 3680,
  • NEN 5140,
  • DIN 4094-1,
  • NF P94-113,
  • ISO 22476-1,
  • ISO 22476-12,
  • Eurocode 7,
  • ISSMGE standard ASTM D3441-98,
  • ASTM D5778-07,
  • ASTM D6067-96 Covers class 1 CPTU piezocone tests and dissipation tests.

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