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Mężczyzna w koszyku podnośnika

Baars is a leader on the Polish market of geotechnical soil investigations. Achieving such a position was possible owing to the high quality of conducted soundings, which enabled us to obtain extremely accurate result. For many years we have been conducting in-situ subsoil tests that comply with stringent ISO and Eurocode standards.

Our operations involve using the latest CPT sounding equipment that also allows to conduct CPTU, SCPTU and CCPTU soundings. We also execute dilatometer tests (DMT). Owing to the application of innovative devices, such as the VIDEOCONE, we are able to obtain top-class investigation results. Our knowledge, expertise and vast experience enable us also to interpret acquired data extremely precisely. Furthermore, we can provide our clients with substantive and professional assistance.



Badanie gruntuBaars is a company specializing in in-situ direct-push soil investigations. Many years of experience allows us to guarantee the highest quality of the results obtained through the soundings we conduct. This enabled us to achieve the leading position of the Polish market. Specialized soil investigations are conducted by us using all available technologies, compliant with applicable ISO standards. We provide test results as soon as possible, in a safe and cost-effective manner. Owing to the innovative CPT equipment, but, above all, the largest machinery park available in Poland, we provide our clients with investigations in all test conditions and in any location in Europe indicated by the client. By focusing on operating efficiency, versatility and mobility, we provide our clients with specialized services they expect.



Samochód badawczy na polnej drodze


The most comprehensive machinery park. Results provided on the go. Full interpretation along with a final report may be available within a few days after completed tests.


On-land and on-water testing.

Sounding types of Cone Penetration Test: CPT(E), CPTU, SCPT, SCPTU, CCPTU, Excess Pore Pressure Dissipation Test, T-BAR, BALL

Flat Dilatometer (Marchetti Dilatometer): DMT, SDMT

Samplers: MOSTAP, BAT


We are able to conduct the tests in all terrain conditions and in any location in Europe indicated by the client.

  • highest-quality penetration tests
  • valid calibration certificates for measuring systems and instruments
  • two-step cone calibration verification upon each sounding
  • calibration pursuant to manufacturer’s standards
  • 36 mm and 55 mm casing rods
  • qualified CPT operators
  • two types of cones with a cross-section area of 10 cm2 and 15 cm2
  • extensive fleet of CPT machinery
  • available pushing force of 20 tons without need of anchoring
  • highest processing capacities - shortest order execution times
  • highest level interpretation based on own software development
  • consulting in the area of applicability of investigation methods