Polityka jakości i środowiska

Polityka jakości naszej firmy wynika z naszej strategii rozwoju.

Thanks to speed, flexibility, mobility, rapid response, operation dynamism and freshness, we will provide each Customer with specialist services at the highest level.

The BAARS company's aim is to achieve and maintain a dominant position on the domestic market as well as to expand the activities on the foreign market constantly.

The quality policy of our company results from its development strategy.

The company's policy is also to ensure the highest level of services in accordance with the Customer's needs and expectations, the services executed on time, without defects and thus being a recommendation for further cooperation.

Continuous improvement of the company's organisation as well as raising the quality and efficiency of our work takes place thanks to the full commitment of all employees and raising their skills level, awareness and motivation as well as allocating appropriate funds for the execution of these activities.

Every employee of the company participates in this process, taking full responsibility for his or her work's quality and takes an active participation in shaping the positive image of our company in the eyes of the Customers.

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ISSMGE dla DMT.pdf

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